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  • PRODUCT : Ombre (Auburn with black roots) Classic Collection 8/10

    “I purchased this wig recently. I was amazed at the effort put in the packaging. The finesse is out of this world. Made for classy ladies (like me ☺️). Opening the box, the satin bag in which the wig was placed was also neatly done. I wish they added another one just for me ”

    Yvonne Ed Sun

  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “I got my hair in 3 business days. Ordered on a Thursday and Monday afternoon I had my bundle. For reference I live in the west coast of the US. The hair is beautiful - To be honest beautiful is an understatement. It looks very classy and the braids are ultra thin. The cap is also very comfortable and overall the wig is very light. Even more the customer service was exceptional throughout the whole process! I will definitely be ordering more once I save some coins. Well done Zhymma!”

    Sancharz Gore

  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “Omg.... Zhymma are so professional and prompt in responding to any dm sent to them. The delivery to the USA was right on time and the packaging is something else out of the ordinary. Then the icing on the cake is the hair itself. I have never seen such tiny sleek looking braids in my life. Thank you. I am more than appreciative. You performed more than expected ”


  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “Now, now, what can I say. This hair is amazing balls. The finishing is second to none. The artistry and patience that was put in this wig is amazing. The customer service is perfection. I never leave reviews, however, this was deserving. Will definitely buy more and spread the word. Satisfied customer. Oh yeah and the delivery was as fast as ever. Ordered on Monday, received on Wednesday. How amazing. Well done Zhymma. Keep up the good quality work and make us ladies fabulousssss. ”

    Emmanuella Oshomah

  • PRODUCT : Dark Brown Classic Collection 22/24

    “I got my hair a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love the look it gives. It gets me compliments every time I wear it. The customer service too is remarkable.”


  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “The hair outweighed my expectation, I got it earlier than I had thought and wore Immediately for a party... oh I stole someone’s event with my looks. It’s so beautiful, comfortable and light. The customer service is top notch”


  • PRODUCT : Dark Brown Signature Collection 22/24

    “I love my wig and got exactly what I ordered. That’s really amazing! Delivery is something I can’t mention i.e. I thought the purchase was in United State but no it’s actually coming from my Nigeria ”

    Rubby Nwaizu

  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “Got my hair so fast after I placed my order and I was too pleased with the quality. Got lot of compliments on the first day I had it on. Their customer service is excellent and highly professional. Thank you Zhymma!!! ”


  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “Here’s my short story... I enquired, got the best customer service, I ordered, it was delivered super fast, I loved it straight out of the bag, wore it and called hubby, he loved it (which is a first..lol), now I am thinking of how to buy another color, you can say I am love struck! ”

    Elizabeth Egbamuno

  • PRODUCT : Black Classic Collection 22/24

    “The hair is thinner than thin, nicely done and customer service is excellent. I highly recommend this hair if you don’t want anything bulky on your head lol. Got my hair in 4 business days too. Can’t wait to rock it.❤️”

    Isi Sorae

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