To maintain the quality of your braided wig unit and ensure its longevity, it’s essential you do not expose the hair to heat as this can damage your hair.


To detangle the braids, simply run a small tooth comb or paddle brush over the braids and let the magic happen.

You can also finger detangle by running your fingers through the strands, gently undoing the knots.


Due to the synthetic nature of the braids, it is advisable not to wash the hair too frequently. 

To clean your wig, use mild baby shampoo to wash.

Mix a small amount of shampoo with 3 parts lukewarm water. 

Dip your wig into the shampoo water mix a number of times and use your hands to gently finger comb the wig. 

Rinse it thoroughly in cold water, making sure to rinse out all the shampoo. 

Apply some leave-in conditioner and leave to air dry. Do not squeeze or wring dry. 

To get the braid strands back to the bone straight shape, carefully dip the tail of your wig into hot water. Dab gently with a clean towel to soak up the excess water and hang to air dry.


Be versatile! There are many different ways to alter and transform how you look! Why stick to one style? 

You can visit our gallery page to be inspired on how versatile our wigs can be styled.


Airing your units after taking it off is important, we recommend getting wigs stands to help with proper ventilation of the unit when it is not being worn. 

The unit should also be kept in a space where the strands can fall freely to avoid bent or straggly ends. 

Your wig can also be stored in the packaging it came in. 

Your braided wigs will look better for longer if you can look after it. Your hair is an investment so invest time in looking after it.

Sancharz Gore
Sancharz Gore
Monday 08th March 2021

Blown away!! Love the wig. Top quality. Also this arrived (USA west coast) 3 days after ordering.

Mojisola Alubankudi
Mojisola Alubankudi
Wednesday 27th May 2020

It was love at first sight!! Extremely neat....

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